Description: Lively baroque dance-Promo

Description: An orchestral chamber piece in the style of a waltz - using piano, strings and double bass. Pleasant and uplifting, with a simple, clear melody and graceful movement.

Description: This piece is somewhat pensive and moody. The wave effect in this sound makes it ideal for presentations involving images of nature or humanity. This piece works well for presentations designed to focus the viewer on a particular message, either text or a.

Description: Epic and revolutionary, this SoundSet can be used for action scenes. It brings to mind a hero setting out to change the world. The strings, timpani and brass provide the heroic effect. The piano in the high register gives the piece a haunting flavor, espe.

Description: Drama, mystery, suspense and excitement all play part in this tune that is fitting as theme music for a movie. The sound is reminiscent of music from jewelry or luxury car commercials. Use it in any production that requires a touch of class and finesse wi.

Description: Fate is knocking… Haunted by some past memory or by something that is yet to come, the music wrestles with its own history. Amidst the whirlwind of sound, there is some calm, the eye of the storm. It is the sound of revolution against the inevitable proce.

Description: An array of emotions can be derived from this rhythmic storm of a sound with its calm center and various contrasting sections. The tune transforms from a visceral, fearful noise to a thoughtful and liberating prayer. The first section is dramatic and ener.

Description: This dramatic, symphonic tune is wrought with existential elements, fear and the unknown. The sound brings to mind the music found in the movie trilogy Blue, White and Red. The music is largely psychological and anticipates some fateful event that alters.

Description: This energetic music evokes an overall sense of joy, satisfaction and orderliness. Images come to mind of flowers blooming, blue sky and people collaborating for a positive change. The triumphant horn melody ascends while the relaxed flute melody descends.

Description: This symphonic sound with its modern classical style elements begs for the right visuals to exploit its potential. Think Shostakovich and Hitchcock. The sound quickly grabs you by the throat and takes you for a suspenseful ride through your imagination an.