Description: Romantic in character, this piece evokes a sense of sadness and loss. The high and low strings add dramatic elements. Images of rain and of lovers separated come to mind with this piece. Presentations with dark colors or background that are meant to creat.

Description: An ambiance is immediately created with the first note of this piece. A dramatic story is told as the music unfolds. The timpani create a sense of force and power. The middle section with the piano and violin create a pensive atmosphere before the dramati.

Description: The opening section with the piano, flute and violin create a sense of humility, almost of pleading for forgiveness. The strings, especially the lower strings, add motion to this piece, ideal for presentations involving images of nature or of space.

Description: The opening section with the piano and flute create a soothing and gentle effect. This piece is ideal for presentations involving inspirational or encouraging messages.

Description: The violin and piano in the upper register set up an eerie or unsettled feeling at the opening of this piece. The introduction of the brass section and then the timpani give it that powerful or dramatic sound. The rhythm evolves like a defiant march. Pres.

Description: This pleasant piece moves along at a walking pace. It can be used with almost any presentation where light-heartedness and a hint of humor is needed. The Tuba component animates this piece quite a bit. It brings to mind those old pranks that Candid Camera.

Description: This waltz can be used in several environments. Traditionally, a ballerina dancing or a circus show comes to mind. However, placed with the right presentation, this piece can work through contrast and result in a clever and fresh effect.

Description: This waltz flows smoothly. It is elegant and uplifting in nature making it ideal for presentations involving luxurious items such as vehicles, wine, clothing, accessories or services (massage, mud bath, etc).

Description: Gallant and revolutionary, this powerful sound evokes strong feelings very quickly. The timpani pounds away with a mighty force. The piece begins heroically and then moves into a contrasting section, a somewhat soothing piano passage. Presentations involv.

Description: This SoundSet reminds one of a chase scene or an opening to an epic film. The sound is majestic and grand. There are contrasting elements in this piece. And when combined in variations, the components create a tapestry of sound suitable for making present.