Description: An array of emotions can be derived from this rhythmic storm of a sound with its calm center and various contrasting sections. The tune transforms from a visceral, fearful noise to a thoughtful and liberating prayer. The first section is dramatic and ener.

Description: This strange tune has many contrasting elements which make it ideal for various uses. The first section is whimsical, disjointed and surreal and is offset by the thundering, focused and revolutionary sound of the second section. Humorous cartoon animation.

Description: This composition reflects all of the anxiety in the world and contains two parts. The first has a jarring, menacing sound. There is a short, dissonant string phrase in the upper register, which mimics laughter. The second part transforms the melody from t.

Description: Brewing in anticipation, this psychological piece has two very contrasting sections. The first section has a powerful pounding sound that imparts fear, paranoia, and defiance. The second section is an eerie, slow hymn that finds the melody decaying and me.

Description: Great dissonance marks this overwhelming music through the use of chords that are very distant and yet related in some subconscious way. The sound is almost alien and surreal yet somewhat familiar. The bubbling bass piano creates apprehension over the con.

Description: There is more to the introspective tranquility and lyricism in this piece. The peaceful, ethereal melodies are formed through a sense of transcendence, and yet, there are paradoxical elements that touch a bit of the surreal and sublime. Ideally, this musi.

Description: This piece is somewhat pensive and moody. The wave effect in this sound makes it ideal for presentations involving images of nature or humanity. This piece works well for presentations designed to focus the viewer on a particular message, either text or a.

Description: Dramatic and very powerful, this piece evokes strong feelings, defiant and revolutionary feelings. This sound is perfect for presentations that are designed to take the viewer by surprise, almost overwhelming the emotions. The violin and piano in the midd.

Description: This piece evokes a sense of chase and possibly fear. The powerful character is brought on with the use of the Timpani (Accent file). The violin that follows the string section brings about some relief and slows down the rhythm. This piece is ideal for us.

Description: Romantic in character, this piece evokes a sense of sadness and loss. The high and low strings add dramatic elements. Images of rain and of lovers separated come to mind with this piece. Presentations with dark colors or background that are meant to creat.