Description: Beethoven's beautiful Fur Elise done on one of todays most popular instruments, Ukulele. A familiar comforting background with a contemporary tone.

Description: Cockles And Twisted Mussels. A weird but wonderful piece of horror nursery rhymes. Full of twisted horror, scary mysterious and suspensful sounds, and deadly thriller music, blending with the innocence of kids and sweet nursery rhymes! The perfect blend of naughty but nice! A classic scary nursery rhyme!

Description: Simplistic piano solo waltz, in a light Baroque Classical style. Slightly quirky and whimsical feel, so great for tongue-in-cheek use, comedy, television and radio commercials. Gives a lovely warm homely feel so ideal for family, home and pet products. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Triumphant and regal celebrations. Fast moving orchestral jaunt, bright and insistent, with a feeling of grandeur, splendour and wealth. Perfect for rolling green country estates, magnificent houses and movement breezing along the tree-lined approach to the huge gates. Perfect for documentary 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Mood of the track: It's very emotional, tragic, impressive, touching, exciting motivational track with a touch of dramatic, minor and sad mood. The track is almostly sustained in an epic, heroic and inspirational mood. Style/Genre: There are elements of different styles: cinematic, epic, trailer, orchestral music. Instruments: I used istruments such as the piano, violin (staccato, legato), brass, cello, lots of percussions. Full orchestra. Useful for: Trailers, movies, video clips, reels, commercials, motivating videos about heroes, people, history, journey, adventures, sport videos or game video reels and other if you want to express an inspiring, catchy, heroic mood. Available lenghts of the track:
-0:30 Dear Buyers! Please notice, if you bought my audio and need help to correct it for your project (to make it shorter/longer/brighter/louder/to change tempo or instrument/etc), just feel free to contact me via e-mail ( and I guarantee to add changes for you soon as possible and for free (just add the invoice number in e-mail).

Description: The bust on the piano and guitar

Description: Overkill Nimble piano in classic style

Description: Claire De L'Eau (Lightwater) is a piano-led classical piece creating a serene mood. Instruments include piano, harp and strings.

Description: Kind of cheering and charming intense Symphonic intro to a Fantasy or Steam Punk Adventure or a Romance.