Description: String Quartet, Romantic, Specialty, Wondering, Thoughtful, Harp, Warm, Reflective, wistful, slow

Description: Marc-Antoine Charpentier: Prelude (Marche en rondeau) from Te Deum

Description: Emotive strings and pianos. For a final meeting

Description: Arrangement and orchestration of a Bach Minuet in G (BWV114); starting with simple harpsichord, moving onto woodwind, then brass and finally in unison.

Description: Beautiful, lyrical music. Piano.

Description: Nostalgic classical song.

Description: Frederic Chopin: Mazurka No.4 in E flat minor Op.6 No.4

Description: This is a short, fast-paced movement arranged for pizzicato strings. It is fun and light-hearted in nature, but there is an underlying sense of urgency throughout.