Description: This dramatic, symphonic tune is wrought with existential elements, fear and the unknown. The sound brings to mind the music found in the movie trilogy Blue, White and Red. The music is largely psychological and anticipates some fateful event that alters.

Description: This energetic music evokes an overall sense of joy, satisfaction and orderliness. Images come to mind of flowers blooming, blue sky and people collaborating for a positive change. The triumphant horn melody ascends while the relaxed flute melody descends.

Description: Immediately, images of a 17th Century ballroom dance or a wedding or perhaps a graduation comes to mind with this piece. The percussion accents the rhythm. Presentations that are celebratory in nature may work well with this piece. Products dealing with m.

Description: This elegant and traditional piece is perfect for presentations involving celebrations or luxuries. Ideal for a conservative audience, this piece may go well with exclusive products or services directed to those who enjoy the finer things in life (wine, l.

Description: This symphonic sound with its modern classical style elements begs for the right visuals to exploit its potential. Think Shostakovich and Hitchcock. The sound quickly grabs you by the throat and takes you for a suspenseful ride through your imagination an.

Description: This grand tune celebrates freedom and heroism with its spacious and uplifting sound, depicting triumph over adversity, even over death. It deals with substantive issues, those things that make humanity great. Any movie or presentation would benefit great.

Description: Ideal for motion picture or digital video, this tune tells a twisted tale of multiple dimensions. All the elements are there: mystery, urgency, betrayal, sensuality, love lost. This SoundSet has elements from foreign films, The Godfather and Beethoven's s.

Description: A slow procession that carries a lament as in a funeral march with a glimmer of hope resounding in the flute. The flute opens with a leap as if pleading for hope against the descending strings. Use this SoundSet for a specific production involving feeling.

Description: This SoundSet reminds one of a chase scene or an opening to an epic film. The sound is majestic and grand. There are contrasting elements in this piece. And when combined in variations, the components create a tapestry of sound suitable for making present.

Description: This surreal and eerie symphonic tune is perfect for a very serious or comical presentation. It anticipates something ominous that is about to happen, something possibly from the spiritual realm. One of the string elements slides down the chromatic scale,.