Description: angelic sounding harp solo, peaceful and retrospective mood.

Description: Music for the aftermath of a catastrophe of giant proportions. It is ideal for themes involving human suffering or global devastation of some sort. The cello and clarinet rise and weave around each other like a helix while the timpani grounds the sound as.

Description: This pleasant piece moves along at a walking pace. It can be used with almost any presentation where light-heartedness and a hint of humor is needed. The Tuba component animates this piece quite a bit. It brings to mind those old pranks that Candid Camera.

Description: Gallant and revolutionary, this powerful sound evokes strong feelings very quickly. The timpani pounds away with a mighty force. The piece begins heroically and then moves into a contrasting section, a somewhat soothing piano passage. Presentations involv.

Description: Epic and revolutionary, this SoundSet can be used for action scenes. It brings to mind a hero setting out to change the world. The strings, timpani and brass provide the heroic effect. The piano in the high register gives the piece a haunting flavor, espe.

Description: This dramatic, symphonic tune is wrought with existential elements, fear and the unknown. The sound brings to mind the music found in the movie trilogy Blue, White and Red. The music is largely psychological and anticipates some fateful event that alters.

Description: This energetic music evokes an overall sense of joy, satisfaction and orderliness. Images come to mind of flowers blooming, blue sky and people collaborating for a positive change. The triumphant horn melody ascends while the relaxed flute melody descends.