Description: Uplifting, positive & motivating piano & string music in the style of Coldplay, U2 & REM. Modern & contemporary, & perfect for use within the corporate & business world, whether for training videos, montages, seminars or conferences. Conveys positivity innovation & success. Also great for build-ups & introductions.

Description: Dramatic piano / orchestral track. Starts with just the piano line and the atmosphere grows to become more and more tense with strings and brass. After a Grand finale, it finishes with a light piano line. Great to illustrate something magestic revealed progressively.

Description: A ceremonial beautiful and calm music, for wedding scenes, photo albums and other romantic and a bit melancholic mood projects.

Description: Frederic Chopin Piano Impromptu Fantastique

Description: Original piano composition performed on an old piano with character.

Description: Original composition of floating effected piano.

Description: Playful piano composition by Jacob Pavek.

Description: Original minimalist piano composition by Jacob Pavek.

Description: Original piano composition by Jacob Pavek.