Description: Dreamy and relaxing solo piano piece by Robert Schumann.

Description: serious and dramatic solo piano piece by Mozart

Description: A slow moving woodwind track with great personality and charm.

Description: An upbeat and quirky orchestral track with fast violin melodies, bassoon, cello and pizzicato strings.

Description: A lively baroque track highlighted by trumpet and flute melodies, harpsichord and strings.

Description: Dignified classical theme-Alternate

Description: Regal, gracious and stately string orchestral theme. Very sprightly and noble with a baroque feel, depicting grandure and proud history. Features strings, english horn, bassoon and french horn. Perfect for English history, documentary, Kings & Queens etc. - Main & string mix versions

Description: A calm before the storm, struggle and final defeat and loss

Description: Frederic Chopin Etude Op. 10 No.12 in C min

Description: Bach chorale No. 91 with string quartet