Description: A beautiful and inspiring acoustic piano track. Elegant and sophisticated, it conveys an uplifting, peaceful orchestra. This track may be incorporated into various types of media applications including, but not limited to, commercials, advertisements, film/television, wedding videos and corporate presentations.

Description: Johann Sebastian Bach: Suite No. 1 in G major, BWV 1007 IV. Sarabande

Description: A song written with an Elizabethan or Renaissance feel. Instrumentation includes a classical guitar.

Description: guitar, 12 string guitar, triangle, instrumental, ambient, calm, background, relaxing, mellow, classical, romantic, chill, dreamy, easy, elegant, ethereal, light, soft, tranquil, smooth, soothing Bach piece arranged with multiple layers of nylon, acoustic, 12 string guitar along with additional instrumentation expand the sound while allowing the listener to experience the songs in a new and unique way. The doubled 12 string mimics the sound of a harpsichord.

Description: Frederic Chopin: Mazurka No.1 in F sharp minor Op.6 No.1

Description: Neue Pizzicato Polka Op. 449 by Johann Strauss II was written in 1892.

Description: Bach, pop symphony, switched on classical

Description: Mozart, pop symphony, switched on classical

Description: Bizet, pop symphony, switched on classical

Description: peaceful, relaxed, calm, soft, ethnic, hurdy gurdy, bagpipe