Description: Film music influenced by American minimalists like Reich, Glass, Terry Riley, and the current electronica music as Plaid, John Hopkins, Moderat. Eighteen is a mixture of orchestral textures, electro sounds and rhythms, focus on image and an original visual approach.

Description: Calm melodic track with interesting beat

Description: Beautiful calm composition impregnated with the spirit of lullabies tracks

Description: Very beutifull soundtrack, which shows the full brunt of a long and difficult path

Description: Beutliful easy music for your project

Description: Rock Opera for your game or movie, or YouTube channel Or other project

Description: Background business/travel music

Description: Beutiful cinematic track for your project

Description: A delightful original classical trio composition. Featured is a soaring violin melody, accompanied by cello and piano. Gentle and flowing the music creates an elegant atmosphere suitable for film, video, tv, radio, restaurants, podcast, corporate,, Instrumental, Dramatic, Romantic Music

Description: Winter evening is something mysterious, unique, it's snowing outside and you greesh fireplace ...