Description: Fantasia 7 by a German Baroque composer Georg Philipp Telemann was originally written for violin in 18th century. The piece is calm, contemplative, dreamy, elegant and emotional. Good for any videos of acoustic or classical guitar

Description: La Lyre d’Orphee is a work of a French Baroque composer, harpsichordist and organist Jean-François Dandrieu written for harpsichord and interpritated by me on the classical guitar. The mood is calm, contemplative, elegant and emotional. It is very good for background of guitar videos

Description: Cinematic elation violin (Inspirational Orchestral, Epic, Exciting, Action)

Description: Cinematic elation flute (Inspirational Orchestral, Epic, Exciting, Action)

Description: Fog, fog at a valley is my composition based upon a russian folk song. It has all features of this kind of songs like plangent, songfulness, a little bit dramatic. It is very good for background music of pictures of nature sometimes calm sometimes stormy and tumultous.

Description: Sonata 6 part 1 by an Italian violinist, violist, guitarist, and composer of 19th century Niccolo Paganini was originally written for violin. It is in a Romantic style. First part is very lyric, melodious and sublime.