Description: Emotional Flute and chimes are cushioned by acoustic guitar and create a sense of sadness, with a slight dejected feel.

Description: A short fast classical piano waltz..Ideal for period cues.Underscore.Russian.European.Keystone Cops.Silent films.

Description: Beautiful clarinet combined with flute and guitar creates a sense of peacefulness and hope, certain elements could also suggest love or regret.

Description: Classical strings music, with violins as solo and other strings sections as background. Full of emotional feelings in it.

Description: string orchestral piece from the King's courtyard

Description: Solo Piano Work - contemplative

Description: Weird track that does not fit into any specific genre. Combines the wooden flute, piano, vinyl scratches and strings that peak towards the end, For someone who would like something a bit different from the norm. It's got a kind of bittersweet quality too it.

Description: scary forest, ghosts, imminent danger, suitable for fantasy films

Description: Med sad, melancholy Cellos Cellos

Description: Light, positive, on-going scientific theme. Warm and beautiful with a hint of concern. Features fluid gentle electronic pulse rhythms with swelling voices and orchestral string section. Ideal for hi-tech, science, medical, documentary. Main mix, underscore, string mix and 30sec versions