Description: Urgent and Panic stricken one minute then Safe and Secure the next. Comprised of a string quartet and Harpsichord.

Description: Piano solo. Style seventeenth century, calibrated and geometryc. A small tribute to the science of the contrapuntal music.

Description: This is a classical duet of violin and piano which paints us a musical picture of butterflies’ carefree flitting from flower to flower at the light sunny summer day.

Description: A short classical solo piano piece.Ideal for underscore.Period music.Lounge bar background.

Description: A short classical harp strings instrumental.Ideal for underscore,promos,trailers.

Description: A short classical piano strings instrumental.Ideal for promos,trailers,underscore.

Description: Dramatic string piece with a range of emotion

Description: Emotional Flute and chimes are cushioned by acoustic guitar and create a sense of sadness, with a slight dejected feel.

Description: A short fast classical piano waltz..Ideal for period cues.Underscore.Russian.European.Keystone Cops.Silent films.