Description: This music perfectly tells a story of a long search that ends in loss. It is also the story of being lost and alienated. The music is composed of two contrasting parts. The first part uses a full symphonic sound; the other part consists simply of the low.

Description: There is more to the introspective tranquility and lyricism in this piece. The peaceful, ethereal melodies are formed through a sense of transcendence, and yet, there are paradoxical elements that touch a bit of the surreal and sublime. Ideally, this musi.

Description: This romantic tune is composed of two contrasting parts. The first has an anticipatory feel, created by the constant movement of the strings and the chimes. That section gives way to a more lyrical passage with the piano and cello, trailing off slowly and.

Description: An array of emotions can be derived from this rhythmic storm of a sound with its calm center and various contrasting sections. The tune transforms from a visceral, fearful noise to a thoughtful and liberating prayer. The first section is dramatic and ener.

Description: Music for the aftermath of a catastrophe of giant proportions. It is ideal for themes involving human suffering or global devastation of some sort. The cello and clarinet rise and weave around each other like a helix while the timpani grounds the sound as.

Description: Brewing in anticipation, this psychological piece has two very contrasting sections. The first section has a powerful pounding sound that imparts fear, paranoia, and defiance. The second section is an eerie, slow hymn that finds the melody decaying and me.

Description: This surreal and eerie symphonic tune is perfect for a very serious or comical presentation. It anticipates something ominous that is about to happen, something possibly from the spiritual realm. One of the string elements slides down the chromatic scale,.

Description: This symphonic sound with its modern classical style elements begs for the right visuals to exploit its potential. Think Shostakovich and Hitchcock. The sound quickly grabs you by the throat and takes you for a suspenseful ride through your imagination an.

Description: This dramatic, symphonic tune is wrought with existential elements, fear and the unknown. The sound brings to mind the music found in the movie trilogy Blue, White and Red. The music is largely psychological and anticipates some fateful event that alters.

Description: This majestic sound slowly builds to a full symphonic exchange. The music is vibrant, full of contrast and emotion, and tells a very human story perhaps of a heroic journey. The instruments communicate with each other. The melody is picked up by the flute.

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