Description: Graceful and stately classical baroque style chamber orchestral waltz. Very English Lords and Ladies curtsying and bowing. Features marcato strings, oboe, bassoon and piano. Main mix, 60, 30sec versions

Description: Melodic and restful acoustic guitar solo-:30

Description: Spritely, comical and slightly mischievous, with ideas of grandure. Features orchestral strings, english horn, oboe and horns in several movements with a different pace. Main mix, u/score, 60sec & 30sec versions.

Description: angelic sounding harp solo, peaceful and retrospective mood.

Description: A slow moving romantic orchestral piece played by a medium sized string orchestra.

Description: 30 second mix of solo harpsichord repeating a/b pattern in chamber music style. suggested for period scenes in chambers.

Description: Playful Mozart-style, celebrating, renaissance flavored classical tune, inspired by mid-century King's and Queen's lifestyle, banquets and masquerades. Great for dressed party, expensive products and car commercials.

Description: Uplifting elegant orchestral piece with noble, stately feel.

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