Description: Proud, prestigious and stately orchestral theme. Fit for royalty and the gentry, sprawling country estates set in rolling green countryside, this theme oozes wealth and family heritage. Great for drama, documentary, radio and television commercials. In the style of the BBCs To The Manor Born. 60sec and 30sec, full and without trumpet mixes

Description: Prestigious, proud and celebratory modern classical. A birds eye view, sweeping through grand buildings, stately homes, over hill and dale, through vast country estates. Restless string section forms a rhythmic back drop, underscored by horns and sweeping violins with percussion crescendos. 60sec and 30sec

Description: Classical Music for Commercials. Determination and drive, pushing forward, overcoming adversity to reach your goal in life. Features steady rhythmic cello ostinato phrase which gradually builds to add basses, piano and string section. Ideal for radio and television commercials, drama and documentary. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Intense, insistent driving music. Constantly on the move, determined to get there, a race against time. Insistent rhythmic cellos and driving piano compliment a sweeping violin and viola section, alongside cymbal crescendos. Perfect for moody corporate, film, documentary and radio and TV commercials. 60sec and 30sec full and without sequencer mixes

Description: Insistent, driving, modern classical orchestra. Showcasing the latest invention to shine head and shoulders above the competition. Upbeat driving staccato strings create the rhythm, whilst piano, cymbals, timps and horn section crank up the power. Great for adverts, drama and live presentations. 60sec, 30sec and sting full and underscore mixes

Description: Lonely Day - Piano Minimalistic Background Music. Minimalistic, melancholy, meditative and atmospheric piano musical piece. Suitable for film, video, TV, advertising, web, events and other projects.

Description: Drama is a small ensemble track featuring strings, classical guitar, piano and trumpet. It is dramatic, sad and mournful. Good for cinematic trailer, opening or ending credits and other deep emotions videos.

Description: Dreamy, emotional piece performed on cello. Gentle and lonely, in a heartfelt classical-style.

Description: Contemporary classical music for piano and flute, with rich dissonances but also with a constantly cantabile melody. The mood is soft and dreamy, with many sections, it is like a 2nd movement of a sonata. Classical Sonata Documentary Drama Ballad Narrative Romantic

Description: Modern classical music for strings orchestra. Dissonances but also intense melodic themes, like a wind that flies you through the sky, in and out of clouds. Modern times, impossible assembly line where everything flies by. Emotional, Beautiful, Exciting, Soaring Hollywood Romance, Big Fantasy. Action Adventure Classical Documentary Drama Narrative Psychological Thriller