Description: minimalist orchestral piece, building in intensity.

Description: Symphony No.7 In A Major Op.92 II Allegretto L.van Beethoven.Version with formation chamber, vibes, power drum, and ambient weather

Description: Piano Concerto No.2 In C Minor Op. 1-Serguéi Rajmáninov.New version with strings, synths, and arrangements for vibes

Description: Light ethereal ambient cello over tibetan singing bowl, soothing and optimistic. The calm after the storm.

Description: This is a hip hop arrangement of famously quirky Turkish March written by Mozart.

Description: Sad, plaintive string introduction to dramatic, suspenseful, classical/avante tango track. Morse Code like strings plead for rescue over the doomy portent of the bass.

Description: A minimalist composition for strings and glass harmonica, sounds peaceful but eerie, an original composition by composer Fiona Coulter

Description: Modern classical music for strings orchestra. Dissonances but also intense melodic themes, like a wind that flies you through the sky, in and out of clouds. Modern times, impossible assembly line where everything flies by. Emotional, Beautiful, Exciting, Soaring Hollywood Romance, Big Fantasy. Action Adventure Classical Documentary Drama Narrative Psychological Thriller

Description: Solo Piano improvisation based upon a winter snow fall

Description: melodic but dark song symbolizes the beginning of the end - perhaps the apocalypse, stiffness and gloom combined with melodic chorus, which is in contrast to adjust a positive way, though minor mood