Description: A romantic building melody with a string quartet. Inspired by Philip Glass. Sad romantic melodramatic classical piece. Warm, Vibrant, Sensual, Building, Sad, Romantic, Melodramatic, Beautiful, Driving, Repetitive, Intense, Atmospheric, Elegant, Reflective, Comforting, Contemplative, philip glass, violins, strings, classical, motivational, energetic, nostalgic, mournful, dramatic, slow tempo

Description: minimalist piece for woodwinds and strings.

Description: Electrical Ode to Joy with Drum Beats

Description: pieza of cello and violin.

Description: This calm, bright & dynamic piece is charming, lyrical & melodic. The steady, dreamy hypnotic rhythm is gentle & reflective. Light, joyful & elegant harmonies building & moving into searching passionate & contemplative moods. Simple, serene, sincere melodies climbing into colorful, beautiful majesty

Description: Piano intro reminiscent of "Moonlight Sonata", leads to classical study with clarinet, strings lending a plaintive mood.

Description: A hybrid composition blending the styles of Philip Glass through the arpeggiated organ and harp accompaniment supporting a softer more melodic oboe duet.

Description: Austere experimental music with gongs and metallic percussion

Description: Acoustic piano composition for your projects. Works great as background.

Description: Sad, plaintive string introduction to dramatic, suspenseful, classical/avante tango track. Morse Code like strings plead for rescue over the doomy portent of the bass.