Description: A romantic building melody with a string quartet. Inspired by Philip Glass. Sad romantic melodramatic classical piece. Warm, Vibrant, Sensual, Building, Sad, Romantic, Melodramatic, Beautiful, Driving, Repetitive, Intense, Atmospheric, Elegant, Reflective, Comforting, Contemplative, philip glass, violins, strings, classical, motivational, energetic, nostalgic, mournful, dramatic, slow tempo

Description: Classical introduction, instrumental dream

Description: minimalist powerfull orchestra piece, perfect for trailer movies.

Description: A moody modern orchestral peice in the style of philip glass.

Description: Modern original classical fantasia featuring a virtuoso clarinet solo in the style and tradition of Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight Of The Bumblebee.”.

Description: Solo Piano improvisation

Description: Jazzy Piano Improvization

Description: orchestral goretsky style piece reflecting hometown.

Description: Bright and clean theme of love. Perfect for a movie about love, for web sites and projects, and for the other.

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