Description: Acoustic piano composition for your projects.

Description: sample library strings play 4 part a/b pattern in chamber music style. suggested for solemn, formal scenes.

Description: Solo Piano Work - contemplative

Description: action, supense, acoustic guitar, strings, cool groove into double time high energy, brass swells, electric guitar, tension, african percussion, up and down dynamics, low string pads

Description: Sounds a classic minuet, which can not help but delight fans of medieval music ... Here sounds a very interesting synthetic timbre of the synthesizer ... Suitable for a dance moment in the film about the Middle Ages ...

Description: Austere experimental music with gongs and metallic percussion

Description: a quirky and mysterious waltz.

Description: action, adventure, high energy, frantic, cool drums and percussion, heavy strings and guitar, tension moments throughout, up and down dynamics, intrigue, espionage, hand percussion

Description: Solo Piano Improvisation, peaceful and moving.

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