Description: action, heavy guitar and percussion hits throughout, high string line, low sequence moving under

Description: action, intrigue, rhythmic groove and loops, low string pads, electric guitar, dynamic, cymbal swells, tension

Description: intrigue and espionage, cool groove, heavy guitars, dynamic action, suspense, low percussion hits

Description: action, supense, acoustic guitar, strings, cool groove into double time high energy, brass swells, electric guitar, tension, african percussion, up and down dynamics, low string pads

Description: A short and simple, contemplative piano theme.

Description: Lazy summer days, butterflies fluttering from flower to flower, you get the idea. Light pastoral and nature, perfect for documentary. Main mix, 60 and 30 sec versions.

Description: 60 second mix of sample library strings playing 4 part a/b pattern in chamber music style. suggested for formal scenes.

Description: cello and violin small piece.