Description: The instrumental introduction (overture) to an opera "Le nozze di Figaro" composed in 1786 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with an Italian libretto written by Lorenzo Da Ponte.

Description: This composition is dedication of Divine Mother of the Universe - the creative power of Absolute and the primordial Power of Eternity. This is a hymn to the Great Woman's Principle, without which neither life and nor creations are possible. The mother of all created has an innumerable number of names and all the ancient religions revere the Mother of the World in this or that aspect of female deities, honor the Goddess on a par with the Gods. For example, in ancient Egypt - it is Isis, Hindus - Kali, Gnostics - Sofia, Dukkar in Tibet, Guanyin - in China, Korea, Vietnam and Japan, Venus in Phoenicia, Bellus in Assyria, Anahita in Persia. Christians revere her in the face of Virgin Mary, the Mother of Christ. The Holy Spirit is the creative power and the Woman's Beginning, in other words - the Mother. The composition allows the manifestation of this force in each listener.

Description: Classical piano playing - For background reading poetry, documentary, youtube.

Description: Eerie, ambient, orchestral suspense.

Description: This is a composition of piano that seeks to generate a sound atmosphere in increasing emotion, so we could pigeonhole the song within the epic or what adventures, but being only piano has the caracterisitico and well polished sound what pervades the track of superb emotion. It can be used for presentations, advertisings, commercials, showcase, viral marketing, travel video, youtube background, games and apps, promo videos, inspiring presentations and vlogs, tutorials, intro/outros, business as well as other marketing multimedia material related to youth, active life,etc.

Description: An emotional and evocative orchestral track, with a slow crescendo made of woods, strings and brass that reaches a powerful climax. A melodic and sweet coda completes the piece, useful for cinematic, majestic and intense projects.

Description: Gounod's Ave Maria, based on a work by Bach in the performance of Anna Maria Devi. Lyric Coloratura Soprano

Description: Solo Piano. The moment before life changes. A bride prepares for her new life. An immigrant arrives in a new country. Life change, positive and confident, with reflection.

Description: Solo Piano. Reflecting on the past.

Description: Solo Piano. Meditative and reflective, in the impressionist style.

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