Description: Down, down down with orchestra and flutes into the depths of the rabbit hole.

Description: Beautiful majestic Eagle soaring higher and higher on the sound of piano and violin

Description: The wolf slowly walks through the snow searching for food for its young. Follow her journey in the dead of winter

Description: Dreams are shattered and plans are changed in this romantic classical track of desperate wanting, Piano, woodwinds, and orchestra

Description: Tempted by desire for her beauty he takes the risk and enters her hotel room. Piano and violins tell the story of there encounter

Description: The grass is cool and wet and you take your shoes and sox off to walk around. Easy piano and orchestra guide your feet

Description: The desert is awash with movement, animals, weather and yes tumbleweeds. This track chases one as it moves across the vast countryside

Description: You are walking in fresh virgin snow. Not a footprint around. The snow falls on you and you stick your tongue out to catch the flakes

Description: If there was a full moon over NY this is what it would sound like. Violins and piano with cello bring it together

Description: Elegant, peaceful, dreamy like ice on the pond that we skated on as a child. Piano and violin evoke that mood

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