Description: A romantic building melody with a string section. Inspired by Philip Glass. Sad romantic melodramatic piece. Warm, Vibrant, Sensual, Building, Sad, Romantic, Melodramatic, Beautiful, Driving, Repetitive, drama, dramatic,

Description: Beautiful classical orchestral music with a build up for drama, trailer, game. Beautiful, Atmospheric, Peaceful, Warm, Sensual, Elegant, Reflective, Fairy Tale, fantasy, cartoon, classical, dramatic, dark, building, romantic, sad, orchestral, mysterious, soft, Relaxing, Sincere, Moving, Passionate, Tender, Vibrant, Delicate, Driving, Sweet, Inspiring, Spirited, Touching, Sublime, Adventurous, romance, travel, mystical, mystic, love, cinematic, children, tv, background, underscore, dreamy, driving, slow tempo