Description: A soft electronic rock version of the main theme from Tchaikovsky's famous ballet. This relaxing upbeat and pleasing remix features hybrid electronic piano, synth strings as well as guitar, bass, and drums. Useful for fun radio, tv, internet or film projects possibly with Seasonal Holiday overtones

Description: A full dramatic & heroic orchestral fanfare, featuring full strings, brass, woodwinds. Serious themes pastoral, after battle, relaxing, reflective in nature. This score can work very well for epic sounding trailers, drama series, sports highlights, video games, film, tv, radio, video, media works.

Description: A delightful original classical trio composition. Featured is a soaring violin melody, accompanied by cello and piano. Gentle and flowing the music creates an elegant atmosphere suitable for film, video, tv, radio, restaurants, podcast, corporate,, Instrumental, Dramatic, Romantic Music

Description: A full joyful and powerful orchestral fanfare score that can be used for a royal entrance, coronation, announcement, graduation, animations, historical scene, formal wear, King, Queen and castles. Features full string brass and woodwind sections, along with timpani, snare drum and cymbal.

Description: A fully scored orchestral suite featuring a solo violin. This powerful and dramatic track, with a heraldic theme has a classic atmosphere of elegance and timelessness. Useable music for thematic entry point, or character identification, for tv, film, radio, advertisements, broadcast, concert

Description: Chopin's famous prelude in C minor. I omitted the opening section and got right into the main theme. Nice dramatic piece for one minute spots, interlude, segues between segments on sophisticated radio, tv, or film productions. Can also be used as a corporate theme or even as a cool ringtone.