Description: Moody lonely solo cello.Sounds like a student practising.Ideal underscore for music school background etc.

Description: A happy and optimistic classic in the shade of the previous centuries, suitable for a ball in the Queen's Court

Description: Prince charming coronation in the church

Description: A quiet and pleasant melody suitable for playing between evening and night

Description: nice track that promises new and optimistic beginnings

Description: A melody describes exaltation and admiration

Description: A relaxed melody in which the people of the castle prepare for a new day

Description: Sor meets Carcassi in this modern arrangement of two popular Classical guitar pieces from the late 1700's. Perfect for anything needing a background with a little class.

Description: The Monarchy Survives is a Film Music Cue using an orchestra reflecting history of the aristocracy and The Royal Family. Classical elements, historical, and orchestral.

Description: This cinematic, motivational and romantic track is ideal for any kind of inspirational videos, motivational stories of victory or love, wonderful travelling, adverts and intros, photo slideshows.

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