Description: 3m38s piano piece, andantino legato. similar to early 20th century french composers (satie, debussy, ravel).

Description: 2m10 piano piece with strings in at 1m01. very eric satie in style.

Description: The Girl Wit The Flaxen Hair - one of Debussy's finest pieces, arranged and performed on a solo classical guitar.

Description: Solo piano. Jazz, Ragtime, Americana, Classical

Description: The Suite Bergamasque is one of the most famous piano suites by Claude Debussy. Debussy commenced the suite in 1890 at age 28, but he did not finish or publish it until 1905. This piece is great for wedding videos, romantic movie scenes, or nature videos. The piece was featured in: Ocean's Eleven: Twilight:

Description: Soft classical logo piano.