Description: This moving, dynamic counterpoint is joyful, optimistic & fun. The traditional steady motor-rhythm is upbeat, bright & bouncy. The calm, quiet, simple & clean tone is happy, friendly & flowing. The elegant, sophisticated feel is cinematic & clever. Sweet, soft, smooth & pretty yet merry & playful.

Description: This calm, bright & dynamic piece is charming, lyrical & melodic. The steady, dreamy hypnotic rhythm is gentle & reflective. Light, joyful & elegant harmonies building & moving into searching passionate & contemplative moods. Simple, serene, sincere melodies climbing into colorful, beautiful majesty

Description: This light, moving, & bouncy piece is fun, elegant & beautiful. A bright, cheerful & upbeat intro leads to the vibrant motion of dramatic melodic development & determined, romantic harmony. A classy, charming & sophisticated feel with a joyful, lively, happy mood. Fancy, refined, carefree & quirky.