Description: Inspirational, epic and emotional orchestral cinematic track featuring flute and orchestral strings. Great for commercials, product promos, corporate projects, business presentations, film and TV in emotional climaxes. 70 Bpm. The music starts with a peaceful and emotional first part and escalates to the last part with full orchestra.

Description: Classical Halloween Trailer is the music of a popular composer Edward Grieg, with composition “In the Hall of the Mountain King”. This music will be a good accompaniment for different projects like Halloween or others which requires atmosphere of action, accelerating, thrill or intrigue…

Description: Classical piece with parts of cellos, violins, piano and no drums. This track perfectly fits to advertising video, presentation or any other project with a calm nature.

Description: Romance slow play classical musical instruments with dedicated classical guitar

Description: This is strong rising, epic, inspiring, uplifting, dramatic and a little tragic track with valiant emotions. Adventure atmosphere with explosive and clean drums, deep bass, lots of percussion, grand piano, staccato and legato strings and emotion heroic brass. Designed specially for voice-overing and background usage Useful for epic trailers or presentations, movies about adventures, battles, motivational videos, web, also for game videos, reels, sport, etc. Main Track length is 2:24 + 2 Additional tracks: 1:00, 0:30 I hope you will enjoy! See you soon! Dear Buyers! Please notice, if you bought my audio and need help to correct it for your project (to make it shorter/longer/brighter/louder/to change tempo or instrument/etc), just feel free to contact me via e-mail ( and I guarantee to add changes for you as soon as possible and for free(just add the invoice number in e-mail).

Description: A funny arrangement of the famous Mozart's masterpiece. This track is ideal for all comedy, cartoon, animation and children projects. Please notice that all of my tracks are registered with YouTube Content ID, which protects my content against illegal usage.

Description: Mysterious, enchanting symphonic Music.

Description: Cinematic elation violin (Inspirational Orchestral, Epic, Exciting, Action)

Description: Cinematic elation flute (Inspirational Orchestral, Epic, Exciting, Action)

Description: Inspiring, warm and commercial composition featuring pianos, xylophones, bells, & full orchestral strings. Lively, bright & flowing piece which drives along in a happy mood, building beautifully to a heart warming climax. Instrumental, Dramatic Energizing Music.