Description: Mood of the track: It's very emotional, tragic, impressive, touching, exciting motivational track with a touch of dramatic, minor and sad mood. The track is almostly sustained in an epic, heroic and inspirational mood. Style/Genre: There are elements of different styles: cinematic, epic, trailer, orchestral music. Instruments: I used istruments such as the piano, violin (staccato, legato), brass, cello, lots of percussions. Full orchestra. Useful for: Trailers, movies, video clips, reels, commercials, motivating videos about heroes, people, history, journey, adventures, sport videos or game video reels and other if you want to express an inspiring, catchy, heroic mood. Available lenghts of the track:
-0:30 Dear Buyers! Please notice, if you bought my audio and need help to correct it for your project (to make it shorter/longer/brighter/louder/to change tempo or instrument/etc), just feel free to contact me via e-mail ( and I guarantee to add changes for you soon as possible and for free (just add the invoice number in e-mail).

Description: Classic melody arranged for solo acoustic guitar. Soothing yet inspirational.

Description: This is the finale of Rossini's William Tell Overture. This section is also known as "March of the Swiss Soldiers". The popular rhythmic pattern is commonly associated with galloping horses both in cartoons and in real life. This version was based on the original score. Instrumentation consists of a piccolo, a flute, two oboes, two clarinets, two bassoons, four french horns, two trumpets, three trombones, timpani, a triangle, cymbals, and section strings.

Description: Grand, triumphant classical piece with dramatic, uplifting string arrangements.

Description: Dark and mysterious orchestral track. There is a strong atmosphere of "Film noir" of the 50's. Slow strings and disturbing piano chords makes the tension palpable. An electro loop gives a modern touch to the track, adding to the tension and mystery. At 03:01 the track changes dramatically to drum'n bass electro music, but keeping the same atmosphere.

Description: like a corp de ballet number or ballroom scene

Description: Warm and emotionally moving track featuring piano and plucked strings.

Description: Happy-go-lucky orchestral piece with elegant, majestic feel.

Description: Grand, graceful classical piece with elegant & sophisticated feel.

Description: Reflective, delicate classical piece with orchestra and choir.