Description: Dark and mysterious orchestral track. There is a strong atmosphere of "Film noir" of the 50's. Slow strings and disturbing piano chords makes the tension palpable. An electro loop gives a modern touch to the track, adding to the tension and mystery. At 03:01 the track changes dramatically to drum'n bass electro music, but keeping the same atmosphere.

Description: Grand, graceful classical piece with elegant & sophisticated feel.

Description: Reflective, delicate classical piece with orchestra and choir.

Description: Lonely, reflective piece performed with full orchestra.

Description: A charming, elegant orchestral waltz with ballroom feel. Great for period piece drama and documentaries.

Description: Intricate and grand classical piece performed on piano with orchestral accompaniment. A true charming, stately feel.

Description: Vibrant orchestral Strings, great music cue for commercial and underscore. If you are looking for a classical touch. The strings are bright and straight in, they insist on your attention, very dramatic and serious, perfect for moments of high drama!

Description: Powerful and dramatic classical music for films epic scenes

Description: In this dramatic track the violin, cello and female choir are intertwined. The track creates an atmosphere of anxiety and sadness. Ideal for video series or slideshows with pictures of war or natural disasters.