Description: Graceful and stately classical baroque style chamber orchestral waltz. Very English Lords and Ladies curtsying and bowing. Features marcato strings, oboe, bassoon and piano. Main mix, 60, 30sec versions

Description: Johann Sebastian Bach: Air from Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068 for Piano. Piano arrangement

Description: Renaissance guitar with recorder and cello. Composer: Thoinot Arbeau (16th century).

Description: Spritely, comical and slightly mischievous, with ideas of grandure. Features orchestral strings, english horn, oboe and horns in several movements with a different pace. Main mix, u/score, 60sec & 30sec versions.

Description: Classical Baroque theme with harpsichord with chamber strings

Description: Two Voices Bach Invention

Description: Goldberg Variations, the main theme (Aria), by Johan Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) played on a grand piano. G-major, 3/4. BWV 988.

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