Description: like amazing grace, played on organ.

Description: beautiful piano and strings instrumental.

Description: This is a catchy upbeat song that kids love, it brings to mind the old classic Jesus Loves Me.

Description: This is an upbeat rap song with melodic female vocals and inspiring lyrics.

Description: HE is an upbeat gospel rap song that brings Jesus Christ glory. This song could very well be the start of a movement.

Description: We Not Alone is an upbeat catchy rock-rap song that resonates with believers and non-believers alike.

Description: Where From Here is a dark, late night ride into the other side of your mind. Self contemplation at its best.

Description: Working For My Lord is a catchy inspirational rap song about working for the Lord. It brings to mind a slave hymn being sung in the chorus. Ooh Ah Working For My Lord just a ....

Description: Letter To Jesus is a gospel rap ballad about one first coming to Christ. This song could very well be a theme song.

Description: His Word is a dark classical upbeat inspirational rap where you are taken through a journey with yourself.