Description: A very familiar and well known hymn based on Joachim Neander's Lobe den Herren, den mächtigen König der Ehren, published in 1680. The melody used by Neander is based on a folk tune. The text is from Psalm 103 and Psalm 150 and the hymn has been published in 100’s of hymnals. Here presented in the classic church organ for an authentic service feel. 104bpm

Description: Lyrics by Charles Wesley in 1738 to the music Sagina written by Thomas Campbell. This is and old classic hymn that is published in hundreds of hymnals today. Here it’s done with a traditional pipe organ. Edited for seamless looping. 100 bpm.

Description: I have lyrics with this song. But I want to make sure it's biblically right before I put the lyrics out. So right now I just have the instrumental out.

Description: In the Garden also known as I Come to the Garden is a gospel song written by American songwriter C. Austin Miles and was first published in 1912, Here it's in a happy cheerful church pipe organ for a traditional feel with an upbeat tempo at 98bpm Edited for seamless looping.

Description: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God AKA Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott, is one of the best known hymns by Martin Luther, a prolific hymn composer. Luther wrote the words and composed the melody sometime around 1530. Performed here with a traditional pipe organ. It has a sound and feel of how it could have been performed in a cathedral service 400 years ago. 100bpm

Description: It Is Well With My Soul is a hymn by Horatio Spafford with the music titled Ville Du Harve by Philip Bliss. published in 1876, This hymn is also know as When Peace Like a River. Here it is done with a classical ensemble of piano, harp, strings, a heavenly choir, and a flute melody. This will make a tasteful and reverent addition to any related theme. 88 bpm

Description: The Sweet By and By is a Christian hymn with lyrics by S. Fillmore Bennett and music by Joseph P. Webster. Published 1868 108bpm Seamless looping, There's a land that is fairer than day, and by faith we can see it afar; for the Father waits over the way to prepare us a dwelling place there. In the sweet by and by, we shall meet on that beautiful shore; in the sweet by and by, we shall meet on that beautiful shore. We shall sing on that beautiful shore the melodious songs of the blest, and our spirits shall sorrow no more, not a sigh for the blessing of rest. To our bountiful Father above, we will offer our tribute of praise for the glorious gift of His love, and the blessings that hallow our days.

Description: This is one of the most recognizable and probably the most famous hymns in the English speaking world. It is a reverent and heavenly rendition that will have mass recognition and will work well for association with any suitable video project application. It is done with a solo Church pipe organ for a simplistic and holy feel and can be used as a backing for musical works for a vocalist or vocalists to sing praise. 80 beats per minute. Easter Advent

Description: The traditional Latin Chant no.18 from medieval times, played on organ with lay choir and congregation for church service, in this case, for Christmas day Catholic mass.

Description: Christian Christmas Public Domain song. "Go Tell It On The Mountain". In this version, the melody is played by orchestral strings creating an ambient mood, while it's backed with a rock beat and a base line to keep it lively. Ideal for use on Christmas E-cards, seasonal phone holding music, games, DVD title screens etc.