Description: Classic hymn arranged for solo guitar. Calming yet inspirational.

Description: Swing Low Sweet Chariot was written by Wallis Willis circa 1862 and is one of the most famous and widely know Gospel and sung hymns. It's also an English rugby team song. Here it is done in a gentle reverent style of classic instrumentation with grand piano and harp arpeggios, orchestra ensemble, flute, and an angels choir giving a traditional and timeless feel. 80 BPM Swing low, sweet chariot, Comin' for to carry me home; Swing low, sweet chariot, Comin' for to carry me home. I looked over Jordan, And WHAT did I see, Comin' for to carry me home, A band of angels comin' after me, Comin' for to carry me home. If you get there before I do, Comin' for to carry me home, Tell all my friends I'm comin' too, Comin' for to carry me home.

Description: Quiet chimes/strings w/subtle guitar

Description: Warm and reflective with a solo electric guitar rendition of ""Amazing Grace"" in the style of Country music.

Description: Longing, Haunting, Bittersweet, Tchaikovsky

Description: Popular religious piece with choir and church organ.

Description: A beautiful classical piece with church organ and choir.

Description: I have lyrics with this song. But I want to make sure it's biblically right before I put the lyrics out. So right now I just have the instrumental out.

Description: I have a song I wrote to this or you can write your own song to this if you'd like. I just want to make sure that it's biblical and making sense spiritually.

Description: Is a traditional ballad, Christmas carol. Female vocal version, with ukulele and ocarina. The ballad is a story of the Virgin Mary, while traveling to Bethlehem with Joseph.