Description: Choir Jazzy in Church Mixed chorist jazz and gregorian prayers everybody sing

Description: Choir in Church for eastern christmas any ceremony Let s try my music on your projects or films and your productions will be great Crafted with care many possibilities of edition 120 BPM cut on seconds Never boring with endless loops always something new in the music Best quality mastered sound original music by french professional composer

Description: The traditional Latin Chant no.18 from medieval times, played on organ with lay choir and congregation for church service, in this case, for Christmas day Catholic mass.

Description: Smooth, uplifting instrumental with a bounce.

Description: Beautiful and deeply emotional Christian orchestral composition with reverent vocals and worshipful lyrics. Ethereal, heavenly and caring in the best of inspirational music. Lovely for Christmas and Easter projects, Christian-themed films or any project or ceremony needing a spiritual lift.

Description: Uplifting Contemporary Christian piece featuring beautiful piano melodies, male vocals and emotional lyrics that touch the heart and describe the love Jesus has for us. This loving inspirational piece would be a great fit for any Christmas or Easter project or Christian event or ceremony.

Description: Christian Christmas Public Domain song. "Go Tell It On The Mountain". In this version, the melody is played by orchestral strings creating an ambient mood, while it's backed with a rock beat and a base line to keep it lively. Ideal for use on Christmas E-cards, seasonal phone holding music, games, DVD title screens etc.

Description: Christmas music for video projects, films, youtube or of advertising. Bright and clean orchestral music with inspiring and positive mood. Brings joy and holiday spirit.

Description: Here is a very famous christmas song! Great to fee this great atmosphere!

Description: “Church Organ Epic” is a beautiful heartwarming Track. Perfect for wedding videos, emotional or sad films.