Description: Alternate Percussion

Description: Warm and reflective with a solo acoustic piano rendition of a spiritual hymn with light Gospel traits create an optimistic and uplifting mood.

Description: A Christian hymn composed by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel circa 1900. Also known as My Saviors love and Oh it is Wonderful. Here it's done in a spiritual and Heavenly classical orchestral ensemble of piano, strings, choir, and flute that builds up to an inspired ending. This will make a reverent, tasteful, and elegant addition to any related theme or church music live audio for services or functions. 100 bpm

Description: A very relaxed and slightly ethereal jazz ballad with piano, guitar, drums and bass.

Description: This is one of the most recognizable and probably the most famous hymns in the English speaking world. It is a reverent and heavenly rendition that will have mass recognition and will work well with association for any suitable video project application. It is done with a solo grand piano for a simplistic and holy feel and can be used as a backing for musical works for a vocalist or vocalists to sing praise. 74 beats per minute.

Description: Light and gentle featuring melodic acoustic guitar, pulsing electronic textures and smooth pads create a peaceful mood.

Description: Religious-Hymns, Religious & Spiritual, Choral, Classical, Atmospheric, Pastoral, Confident, Delicate, Expressive, Spiritual, in a Majestic, Positive, Powerful, Prestigious mood, featuring Vocals, Choir, with a Mid tempo

Description: A traditional and classical version of All Creatures of our God and King, a Christian Hymn played on a Church Pipe Organ.Traditional Hymns for churches. Great for large congregations, corporate worship gatherings, Christian conferences, Church events and much more. Inspiring and triumphant Hymns for church use and religious groups.

Description: Ethnic Tribal Spiritual Confident With Drum