Description: Uptempo, Contemporary, Gospel, praise, worship, christian, feel good, uplifting, happy, Soulful, Hip Hop, RnB, piano, synth, instrumental, background, music, track.

Description: Mid tempo, Gospel, Christian, worship, praise, RnB, Soulful, Smooth, feel good, Laid Back, synths, key pads, strings, instrumental, background, Music, beat, Track.

Description: Up tempo, Contemporary, Gospel, R&B, Soul, Smooth, Worship, Praise, Christian, Church, Truth, electric piano, synths, slap bass, instrumental, background, Music, beat, track.

Description: Slow, Ballad, Contemporary, Gospel, Soulful, Worship, Praise, Christian, church, Rnb, soul, guitar, piano, synths, strings, instrumental, background, Music, beat, track.

Description: Upbeat, Uplifting, Fun, Christian, Spiritual, Praise, Dance, Church, Happy, R&B, Pop, Urban, Mary Mary, Janet Jackson, type beat, Elec Piano, Horns, Stings, Guitars, Bells, instrumental, background, music, beat, track.

Description: A rendition of the traditional christian song 'Come Thou Long Expected Jesus'

Description: uptempo uplifting rnb gospel dance track suitable for sports, film,tv commercial,presentation and or recording artist.

Description: Mid Tempo, Contemporary, Boyz 2 Men, Gospel, R&B, Pop, Soulful, Worship, Praise, Church, Sunday, Organs, French Horn, guitars, Pianos, TV, Film, Video Game, Youtube, Movie, Soundtrack, Instrumental, Background, Music, Beat, Track.

Description: You’ll be having a swinging high time when you use this underscore! It features a stride piano with a hint of gospel. It is full of uplifting, catchy rhythms that will demand you to bob your head, swing your hips and tap your feet. Inspire and energize your audience with this song.

Description: Upbeat and bright featuring organ and electric guitar create an uplifting mood.