Description: Sound of: monks singing short phrase

Description: Easygoing, Happy, Carefree

Description: Nimble Utensil Rhythm with Spoons & Metallic Surfaces

Description: The most well known of all the movements in The Messiah is the one popularly known as the Hallelujah Chorus by Handel circa 1741. Here done in a classical chamber ensemble of piano, flute, strings, voice choir, and bass drum. 104 bpm

Description: Men choir singing hallelujah in the church

Description: Gregorian monks in a monastery singing gloria in excelsis deo with church organ harmony

Description: Warm and bright featuring lush strings and electric guitar create an uplifting and inspirational mood.

Description: world, ethnic, gregorian chants, religious, tubular bells, heavy and dark feel, soft and somber acoustic guitar

Description: Boys choir in a church singing Halleluja