Description: a new age version of the old classic.

Description: baby born christmas.

Description: Religious & Spiritual, Beautiful, Charming, Dramatic, Introspective, Fresh, Gentle, in a Heartwarming mood, featuring Orchestra, Piano, Synth, with a Mid tempo

Description: look also for others files mariage wedding theme with gospels.

Description: Beautiful and emotionally fulfilling piece of music featuring piano, bells, cello, violins and boys choir. Starts with piano and and slowly builds as cello and violins come in, adding extra layers of emotions and dynamics. Perfect for film/game trailers, commercials, videos, projects and so on.

Description: Onward Christin soldier is a hymn from 19th century England. The lyrics were written by Sabine Baring-Gould in 1865, and the music is by Arthur Sullivan in 1871. It is the favored processional of the Salvation Army. Here it is done as an underscore in a glorious and inspirational march style with the classical orchestra instrumentation. of grand piano, harp arpeggios, string section, woodwinds, and an angelic choir. It will give a Heavenly and spiritually uplifting feel to a live performance or vocal track. Edited for seamless looping. 112 BPM.

Description: Is a traditional hymn Hanson Place, written Robert Lowry in 1864. This song was often used in cowboy western soundtracks, particularly those of director John Ford. In Sweden, the 1876 hymn to the same melody O, hur saligt att få vandra, O how blessed it is to walk. Also, Jag har aldrig vart på snusen, is one of the most popular drinking songs at Swedish universities and in 1937 Japan a popular enka song Tobacco Ya no Musume タバコやの娘. Then parodied into たんたんたぬき. Tanuki. It’s still popular with Japanese children and adults to this day. Here done with piano, flute, harp, strings, choir, and oboe. 100 bpm

Description: This is a popular and well-known Christian hymn set to a traditional Scottish Gaelic tune known as "Bunessan" and is often used for children. and has been covered by many pop artists. Here it is done with a cheerful chamber orchestral arrangement of piano and harp arpeggios, a flute melody, and an angelic voice choir. 112bpm

Description: In the Garden also known as I Come to the Garden is a gospel song written by American songwriter C. Austin Miles and was first published in 1912, Here it's in a happy cheerful church pipe organ for a traditional feel with an upbeat tempo at 98bpm Edited for seamless looping.

Description: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God AKA Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott, is one of the best known hymns by Martin Luther, a prolific hymn composer. Luther wrote the words and composed the melody sometime around 1530. Performed here with a traditional pipe organ. It has a sound and feel of how it could have been performed in a cathedral service 400 years ago. 100bpm