Description: The Sweet By and By is a Christian hymn with lyrics by S. Fillmore Bennett and music by Joseph P. Webster. Published 1868 There's a land that is fairer than day, and by faith we can see it afar; for the Father waits over the way to prepare us a dwelling place there. In the sweet by and by, we shall meet on that beautiful shore; in the sweet by and by, we shall meet on that beautiful shore. We shall sing on that beautiful shore the melodious songs of the blest, and our spirits shall sorrow no more, not a sigh for the blessing of rest. To our bountiful Father above, we will offer our tribute of praise for the glorious gift of His love, and the blessings that hallow our days.

Description: This is one of the most recognizable and probably the most famous hymns in the English speaking world. It is a reverent and heavenly rendition that will have mass recognition and will work well for association with any suitable video project application. It is done with a solo Church pipe organ for a simplistic and holy feel and can be used as a backing for musical works for a vocalist or vocalists to sing praise. 80 beats per minute. Easter Advent

Description: Uplifting major symphonic work, slowly building up with some feel-good melodies and ending with the celebratory choir finale. In semi-classical semi-soundtrack style, featuring full symphonic orchestra and choir.

Description: Popular Hymn tune from 1905. Cwm Rhondda, or Rhondda Valley, is known today as a Welsh anthem. In English the words are 'O Thou Great Redeemer', but it is much more widely known as 'Bread of Heaven'. This patriotic and heart-felt version features a brass ensemble and a male voice choir (no words)

Description: A religious organ piece with dark male choir lines and haunting chord changes.

Description: A somber choir track with haunting chord changes and melodies.

Description: world, religious, cathedral organ, gregorian chants, dark and somber tone, low string drone, ceremonial sacrifice

Description: A somber choir piece with solo lines as well as grand church organ.

Description: world, ethnic, gregorian chants, religious, tubular bells, heavy and dark feel, soft and somber acoustic guitar

Description: A very pretty choir piece with solo lines by a young boy supported by choir pads.