Description: Happy, joyful and cheerful music featuring ukulele, piano, guitars and other instruments. Perfect for kids fun video, presentation and positive projects.

Description: Decorated in the style of electro-pop with live violin . Light and light-hearted melody emphasize your video .

Description: A happy, clappy music track, full of fun and sunshine!

Description: The classic children's sing along done in a modern techno beat with electronic pads, harp arpeggios, piano, and electronic percussion. Have some fun with a pop dance twist!

Description: Positive happy fun good vibe smile easy casual.

Description: Goofy, fun & wacky children's theme. Great upbeat accompaniment for kids running around doing silly things, slapstick & activities. Perfect for children's TV game show, TV animal antics, cartoon chase, clowns and slapstick comedy routines. Features synths, piano & tuba. Various mixes & cuts.

Description: Piano Music for Children Piano Music for Children will be usefull as a charateristic theme for your project if it is a documentary video or something else, sound fresh and soft with a classic song.

Description: Up Tempo, Children's Music, Trains, Story, Niche, Fun, Mle Vocal

Description: Nice song for children with orchestral arrangement , also suitable for the Christmas period .

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