Description: Super cute and funny 30 second version of Delibes opening section of this 19th century gem from the ballet Sylvia. Rendered here with traditional piano melody, goofy synthesizer bass and backing pads. Perfect little tune for advertisments for anything from floor mops, cat food, insurance, circus

Description: The original well know birthday song that has been sung for over one hundred years all over the globe has finally become public. Here it is done in a happy upbeat swing jazz style featuring trombones, chicago style drumming, walking bass and piano. Great track for parties, e-cards, web, tv, or film

Description: A solid version of the classic French children's song that kids love to sing and play. On this medium fast tempo version, the melody is played on the vibraphone with piano, bass and drum background. Attractive and charming piece for your media project. Instrumental, Childrens Music, Childrens Instrumentals

Description: The traditional Brahms Lullaby delicately played on an electric piano, solo instrumental, that will lull any baby or toddler into a peaceful, restful sleep. Soundtrack for e cards, toys, etc.

Description: A classic children's song done by a small ensemble, featuring guitar, piano, trombone and vibraphone all taking turns playing the melody. A must learn song for all young kids, and toddlers for sing alongs, clapping to the beat, or as part of a collection. Can be put on repeat for square dancing.

Description: This fun lighthearted electronica based tune is all about the joy & wonder of a day at the amusement park. A sweet catchy melody on a quirky synth adds the simple yet refined music over a gently swaying groove. Uplifting, adventurous with a focus on lightness for media project, tv, film, radio, ads, Instrumental, Children, Playful Novelty

Description: A simple and sweet traditional lullaby which promises all kinds of rewards to the child if he or she is quiet. Featured are guitars, bass, soft bells and electric piano. The structure allows for ad libbing, sing alongs. Useful for nurseries, child care, relaxing, and productions involving young children.

Description: A traditional nursery rhyme. Here it is performed as a lovely light and airy waltz melody featuring guitar and tin whistle playing the tune with circus organ and rhythm guitar accompaniment along with quirky and fun percussion. Useful for media productions for children and early musical education.

Description: A happy and bouncy version of this American folk song, featuring picked electric guitar and vibraphone. Great for children sing alongs, simple marching, and dancing or as background to kids tv or radio show. Also useful for americana themes, advertisements, country scenes, historic documentaries etc,

Description: A bouncy, cheery and airy track with some funny sunny elements and a slightly mysterious ilk. Has a solid build up to a catchy piano melody middle section. Possible usage for advertising candy, cars, popcorn products, home leisure, kids clothes, toys, education center. Going to an amusement park.

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