Description: Specialty, Children, Comedy, Comedy-Cartoon, Comedic, Childlike, Charming, Celestial, Carefree, Capricious, Kitsch, Alienating, Alluring, Breathy, Delicate, Dreamy, Edgy, Expressive, Flowing, Fun, Funky, Gentle, Tender, Swirling, Smooth, Relaxed, Quirky, Mellow, Light, Bright, Happy, Warm, Vibrant, in a Fun, Happy, Playful mood, featuring Celeste, with a Mid tempo

Description: This wacky piece is great for humorous presentations. It is frantic and has a multi-dimensional effect, traveling sideways, upside down and diagonally. The marimba provides the humorous element. This sound captures aurally the chaos and franticness of not.

Description: This zany and playful tune draws on different styles and instrumentation to mimic the buzz and motion of the world. Ideally it can be used with stop-motion photography or a collage of images.

Description: Waiting for the world to go by.

Description: Hey ho, hey ho! Fun, jolly and adventurous Pirate male choir, chanting about a brave adventure, a bottle of rum and a fat treasure chest, sitting on their ship or in a harbor tavern. Great for video games as short intro track / quest complete / next level / try again / game over. Also great for Cartoonish TV/animated films. Variants: Buccaneer's Song - 2 Min / 1 Min / 30s and loop. Snippets in 5-10 seconds, called Hey Ho.... Vocal snippets: We Drink for Treasure and Rum and Hum De Dum. Funny Hectic loops.

Description: Fun, playful and sly. Tricky, fun playful and whimsical with tuba, bassoon, flute and accordion. Short 0:07 intro/ending snippets for level complete, intro,

Description: Playful and lively litte snippet with light and bright feeling, featuring flute and tuba, ending in a positive mood for level complete, quest finished, scenario success or level up. Could also be intro to next level. Variants: 6s Clarinet Tuba / 6s Flute Tuba / 3s Clarinet Tuba / 3s Flute Tuba