Description: Driven by a fingerpicked guitar and a piano playing the melody, this song drives along at a steady march pace. Very innocent and childlike, this track evokes images of children dressing up in play clothes and marching around the yard. Optimistic, happy, and positive, this is perfect for fun children's background music.

Description: lullaby with melody or melody alone look for other files pb1&2.

Description: lullaby with melody or melody alone look for other files pb1&2.

Description: Fun and quirky happy instrumental background music with a whistle and glockenspiel melody over ukulele, clapping, xylophon, guitars and percussion. Ideal for tutorials and explainer videos, animation, advertising and everything that needs a happy upbeat instrumental background track.

Description: Looped Instrumental track composed for piano and little strings instruments like violin and ukelele. The music is nice, soothing and relaxing. the rhythm is slow and describes a very soothing situation with a scene of a child going to sleep. At first the composition is started by the piano and later the other instruments are progressively incorporated. The style is very near to Lullaby song.

Description: A fun, exciting day that's just for kids!

Description: Just a short funny track for simple tasks. Suitable for a background in children's videos, commercials, corporate video.

Description: Two ukuleles played in a cheerful reggae beat make the backbone of this happy song, accompanied by world percussion, a piano, electric piano and bass. Bouncy and light, this song is super positive, childlike, and evokes images of children playing on a beach.

Description: This music is a playful blend of lighthearted adventure and pure happiness. The bell rhythms are tender and innocent while the vocal synth screams fun. This music is great for video games, animation, children productions, nature, and much much more.

Description: This is wicked squishy for any little snot to get into trouble to. It is rendered as a loop so the energy can last as long as the little rug rats can last