Description: Just a short funny track for simple tasks. Suitable for a background in children's videos, commercials, corporate video.

Description: Two ukuleles played in a cheerful reggae beat make the backbone of this happy song, accompanied by world percussion, a piano, electric piano and bass. Bouncy and light, this song is super positive, childlike, and evokes images of children playing on a beach.

Description: This music is a playful blend of lighthearted adventure and pure happiness. The bell rhythms are tender and innocent while the vocal synth screams fun. This music is great for video games, animation, children productions, nature, and much much more.

Description: This is wicked squishy for any little snot to get into trouble to. It is rendered as a loop so the energy can last as long as the little rug rats can last

Description: Cheerful song as background music suitable for children to play

Description: Merry positive music. Fast, fresh and playful. game bells and piano, orchestra and percussion. The project is perfect for many fun media projects. To promote children's products and more

Description: this song has a lullaby quality.

Description: Funny track associated with the game of little babies , children, love between them and their parents.

Description: This is a straight ahead, moderately paced tune with a happy, positive and hopeful feel. Driven by acoustic guitars fingerpicked and backed by a piano, this song moves along with a steady and unobtrusive feel, designed to be used for background music for any application looking for a cheerful and successful emotion.