Description: Merry positive music. Fast, fresh and playful. game bells and piano, orchestra and percussion. The project is perfect for many fun media projects. To promote children's products and more

Description: this song has a lullaby quality.

Description: Funny track associated with the game of little babies , children, love between them and their parents.

Description: This is a straight ahead, moderately paced tune with a happy, positive and hopeful feel. Driven by acoustic guitars fingerpicked and backed by a piano, this song moves along with a steady and unobtrusive feel, designed to be used for background music for any application looking for a cheerful and successful emotion.

Description: Cool Jazzy track with humerous feel. Great for light hearted, childish, comical scene.

Description: Cheerful happy kalimba/marimba melody over stomps and claps, acoustic guitars, piano and light drums and percussion. Ideal for children's productions, commercial and corporate use or any project or presentation that needs an all through happy instrumental background music.

Description: Sitting on a cloud, and blissfully floating away is the mood of this beautiful lullaby. The bells play out a peaceful harmony of tranquil melodies while the flutes take you on a magical ride. This music works great for a number of applications including children, animation, cartoon, video game, television, documentaries and much much more.

Description: is a friendly and optimistic upbeat background track perfect for: commercial, slideshow, TV, advertising, positive corporate presentations and infographics, children's games. It features: cheerful and memorable vibraphone, happy ukulele strumming and drums.

Description: You can't get much more cheery than this track! Light and driven by piano and a plucked then strummed ukulele, this song exudes the optimism of a very innocent person who has an untarnished view of the world. Perfect for happy but understated background music for any kind of presentation.