Description: This song is driven by a rhythym piano riff and a jazzy guitar, backing a whistling melody with other various instruments including some vocal ooohs at the end. A little bit sparse and old timey feel, a real toe tapper! This song evokes optimistic and positive feelings, and has a folksy, down to earth, fun feel.

Description: Funny song, happy, happiness, business, car,

Description: Two ukuleles played in a cheerful reggae beat make the backbone of this happy song, accompanied by world percussion, a piano, electric piano and bass. Bouncy and light, this song is super positive, childlike, and evokes images of children playing on a beach.

Description: A happy cheerful motivational acoustic background instrumental with a catchy whistle and glockenspiel melody over a bouncy uplifting groove with hand claps, piano and acoustic guitars. Ideal for any project or presentation that needs an all through happy instrumental background music.

Description: A simple, joyful and carefree music in the jenre of polka dance featuring classic piano, strings and tambourine. The music will bring a quirky, funny mood to any project, either children project or anything escaping from seriousness - funny commercials, happy videos, joyful youtube videos

Description: Remember when we were really young and life was easy going and all we had to do was play? This tune is as colorful and playful as kids are when in kindergarden. This is good to show positive feelings through children while at play, or maybe show new beginnings. Something fresh and new has started and this is a good tune to describe it.

Description: Driven by a fingerpicked guitar and a piano playing the melody, this song drives along at a steady march pace. Very innocent and childlike, this track evokes images of children dressing up in play clothes and marching around the yard. Optimistic, happy, and positive, this is perfect for fun children's background music.

Description: lullaby with melody or melody alone look for other files pb1&2.

Description: lullaby with melody or melody alone look for other files pb1&2.