Description: A jazz swing tune with a frenetic yet controlled melody and warmed friendly harmonies featuring piano, guitar, bass and accordion.

Description: The traditional Brahms Lullaby delicately played on an electric piano, solo instrumental, that will lull any baby or toddler into a peaceful, restful sleep. Soundtrack for e cards, toys, etc.

Description: Children, Comedy, Comedy-Light Hearted, Swing, Positive, Pleasant, Childlike, Comedic, Rambunctious, Electronic, Fun, Humor, Happy, Light, Feel Good, Sentimental, Tender, Uplifting, Nostalgic, Traveling, in a Fun, Happy, Playful, Positive, Humorous, Exciting, Energetic mood, featuring Synth, Clarinet, Rhythm Section, Drums, with a Mid, Fast tempo

Description: Historic, Historic-1950'S, Children, Comedy, Drama, Corporate, Kitsch, Active, Big, Bouncy, Brash, Brassy, Capricious, Carefree, Cheery, Charming, Childlike, Chase, Comedic, Determined, Driving, Enthusiastic, Feel Good, Jumpy, Percussive, Pleasant, Pulsing, Punchy, Quirky, Rambunctious, Repetitive, Flowing, Frantic, Fun, Intense, Whimsical, Vibrant, Uplifting, Traveling, Happy, in a Confident, Energetic, Happy mood, featuring Trombone, Strings, Woodwinds, Xylophone, Percussion, Bass, Brass, Glockenspiel, Flute, Effects, with a Fast tempo

Description: Layered Marimba, xylophone and other percussive sounds in a seamless loop.

Description: A warm and friendly song suitable for children of all ages with piano, guitar, electric bass and vibes.

Description: med silly, fun xylophone, clarinet

Description: Fast,upbeat,hilarious blues number originally written for a claymation. It will have you smiling and laughing in no time!