Description: An upbeat, optimistic and fun track featuring ukuleles, acoustic guitars, piano, hand claps, whistle, mandolin - ideal for children's productions, commercial or corporate use.

Description: This bright energetic piece is happy, fun & youthful. The carefree percussion is light & lively. The explosive cymbals are colorful, theatrical & celebratory. The big acoustic bass is bouncy & jolly. The cartoon xylophone & upbeat marimba are quirky, merry & lyrical. Tender bells are catchy & joyful

Description: This sweet piano melody from one heart to another one... I see it into Family Home Video, Love story, Babys Birthday, Present for Grandfather and Grandmother, Morning radio programs, Fun Ads, And More!

Description: Sly, slinking comedy track a la Pharell's score to the animated film "Despicable Me". Appropriate for family/kids projects where a spy-like, mysterious atmosphere is needed.

Description: Medium Tempo, Children's Music, Niche, Fun, Goofy, Wacky, Silly, Vocal

Description: A warm and mellow jazz swing quartet of piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and drums with brushes. This song has a warm uplifting quality portending a great day ahead.

Description: This carefree funny music is full of children’s naivety and therefore it's so happy, cheerful and positive!

Description: Comical, quirky track with a happy-go-lucky Country Twist. Great for comedy or children's use.