Description: This is a positive, cheerful music. Suitable for advertising, web design, video games and more video.

Description: a light-hearted comedy piece with simple rhythm, peaceful, curious and innocent mood.

Description: Happy, joyful and cheerful music featuring piano, bells, ukulele, and percussions. Perfect for kids fun video, comedy and positive projects.

Description: soft,sparkling theme with guitars and ambient pads.

Description: Charming and lovely, plinky plonky and playful, ideal for a small childrens or cartoon theme. Full mix, underscore, 30 and 08 sec versions available.

Description: Children, Western, Western, Traveling, Struttin, Fun, Feel Good, Childlike, in a Fun, Happy mood, featuring Guitar, Bass, Banjo, with a Mid tempo

Description: Joyful style track featuring chimes, trombone, and playful piano combining to create a sense of happiness and joy.

Description: Childish cascading piano and flute melodies bubble merrily over light instrumental background. Very playful and innocent. Ideal for children's media, cartoons and advertising.