Description: Super cute baby music for your funny baby video! Happy and Cheerful, this lovely song will make your heart smile. Strings, horns, piano and marimba to put love in your life and give you an exciting happiness and joy! Warm uplifting tune that will bring a tear to the eye for the right video! Funny and silly music for YouTube and make up and baby videos !

Description: Easy listening chill out full lenght track. Relaxing tempo, soft synth instruments and a dreamlike oniric spirit. Feel secure, confortable and healthy living in a beautiful countryside landscape. Suitable for soundtracks for videogames, apps or movies.

Description: Ideal background melody for funny games and videos.

Description: This is a fun,cheerful and quirky music for children’s videos, comedy, commercials, websites, and Youtube projects.

Description: The rhythmic and cheerful children's song

Description: Background music for children animation

Description: Sweet Motivation is an inspirational, loving and motivational piece of music with glockenspiel, piano, strings and xylophone.

Description: Piano Clapping Fun is a cheerful and sunny piece of music with piano, clapping, guitars, shaker and glockenspiel – uplifting, joyful and inspiring.

Description: Warm Sunny is simple playful track. Easy going and quirky. This inspirational track with a glockenspiel, bells, ukulele rhythm, along with the sound of simple piano melody, that instantly lifts the mood. The feeling holiday, of achievement uplifting. Includes many other instruments such as drums, bass, tambourine, uke, hand snaps and hand clapping claps, and more. Perfect for commercial advertising background music, presentations, games, children, enterprises, podcasts, inspiring corporate video, YouTube montages and more.

Description: Peaceful and contemplative this can be used for a Christmas, children, or even for fabric softener!