Description: Fun, fast and full of 80's game console nostalgia! This 8-bit or chiptune style track features all the high energy and fun sounds of those days. With its fast tempo and ultra happy mood, it would suit fast motion, comedic action type footage or a fast paced tech tutorial.

by Soundatelier | wav | 1:28 |

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Family Fun

Description: Happy Background it is a bouncy, bright, optimistic and positive track, happy melody with bells, mellotron, vibrophone, acoustic guitar, piano, drums, strings. Perfect for background music, slideshows, presentations, YouTube montages, kids shows, childrens event and more!

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Family Fun

Description: Happy & cheerful track with an uplifting colorful feeling, featuring ukulele, claps, glockenspiel, acoustic guitars and upbeat drums. This sweet & joyful track is a great choice for a wide range of typical corporate media projects, including corporate promotional videos, training videos, business presentations, product demos, explainer animation, YouTube ads, as well as any business related multimedia material related to fun, having a good time and happiness.

Description: This is a very fun and positive background music for use in children's videos , games etc

Description: This is a happy and optimistic track, full of joy and smile. great for happy commercials, happy upbeat videos, children and kids projects and much more.

Description: A soft and gentle music, featuring piano, guitars, marimba, bells and strings. Soothing background music that will certainly work well with children's videos, kids videos, advertising, commercials, marketing and more.

Description: Children's Games is a happy track which is made with natural classical instruments and synth. drums and percussions. It's perfect for a game or a video on YouTube. The track conveys the mood of fairy tale and prepares a listener to meet something unusual.

Description: This is wicked squishy for any little snot to get into trouble to. It is rendered as a loop so the energy can last as long as the little rug rats can last

Description: A happy , bouncy bright children song about animals

Description: ambient, calm, technology, healthy, natural, organic, piano, sleep, meditate, meditation, tv spot, spot, tv, advertising, advertisement, loop, ad, commercials, corporate, walk, sleepy, animal, children, kids, chill, lullaby,